360 Campaign

About The Project

CVS Health led the effort to vaccine millions of Americans for COVID-19. The digital campaign, with impressions in the billions, asked a simple question: what are you #OneStepCloser to? We helped to galvanize a weary nation with the excitement of what's next and saved a few lives in the process.

The campaign came to life across a number of environments and touchpoints on the customer journey. The #OneStepCloser hashtag was how people shared. Their stories flooded social media.

We created giphys, stickers, and vaccination cards to encourage people to share what they we're one step closer to.

An instagram filter brought excitement to a sterile post vaccination waiting room.

We used paid social, email, and organic to meet people where they are and help spread the word.

We built a campaign for an outcome rather than a destination.

With our agency partners, we used a TikTok dance to spread the word — with an orignal song by Domino Saints.