Branding and Identity

About The Work

Over my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in numerous branding projects. While other components, such as color schemes, typography, hierarchy, and photography, play crucial roles in conveying a brand's message, the logo is the first thing clients gravitate towards. It’s the face of the brand and holds immense significance. Below, I’ve highlighted a few examples of logos that have been effective in capturing the essence of the brand.

Interactive Experiences was the digital team we created at Weber Shandwick. To stand out to clients we needed a strong presence.

I used code itself, which often ends with a “/ >” and starts with a “<” as inspiration for the logo.

Working with the Mobients team, I helped reimagine their brand.

I created the logo for my own company, Science & Co. Creative.

When Livent rebranded I created dozens of logos along with their website and brand playbook.

The Factory was a recording studio in Los Angeles. We created a tongue and cheek narrative where they were staunch communists — the logo drew inspiration from there.

A few more I designed along the way.