App Redesign

About The Project

Leading the team, we created a proposal for a Home Depot app that was designed for location-based shopping. The app had three modes: In Store, At Home, and On-The-Go, which were developed based on insights we gathered from consumer data. The user journeys were designed to be adaptable, so that the app could adjust to the user's discovery path and location. Many of the features were adopted and are in the app today.

Finding something as simple as a light bulb in a Home Depot can be a daunting process due to the store’s massive size.

A walkable map could help guide customers to their search result in aisle.

Contractors often use Home Depot gift cards as a way of limiting purchasing budgets. Stored cards in the app could help manage them.

On-the-go brings the customer back to a traditional online shopping experience once left the store.