Digital Design System

About The Work

CVS reaches its loyal customers through hundreds of weekly email sends. As part of the redesign of their digital design system, I led the initiative to reimagine their email templates. This included promotional, content, photo, and other sends across different channels and categories. I partnered with leadership from loyalty & personalization, digital production, and marketing while managing agency partners and internal teams to build a modular system that improved engagement and open rates.

Modular templates create flexibility, with an emphasis on impact above the fold.

CVS Customers interact more with emails than any other touchpoint; they’re a great oppurtunity to bring the brand life.

By leveraging an “atomic design” approach — building a framework of typographic ratios, color palettes, graphics, and layouts — production and development become seamless. Marketing can focus on communication and promotion rather than tweaking one-off designs.

In addition to existing templates, I led the concept and design of CVS’s first content email send, called Health at Home. It features health tips, recipes, and other valuable editorial — all funded through sponsored placements.