Branding and Identity

About The Work

Wear your magic! A growing jewelery brand, Brave Daughters wanted to bring more consistency to their identity and to grow their digital business. I led the redesign of their identity, brand gudelines, and digital strategy that lives across their digital ecosystem. Using data, audience research, and a content first approach, I helped to increase their overall page ranking and drive more business to their locations and pop-up events.

A women owned and led brand that emphasizes its powerful energy, I designed a mark that is reflected that spirirt that is ownable, impactful, and compact. We explored different icons and logotypes that paired meaningful symbols with an elegant script.

Ultimately, they choose a script with paired with a distintive lightening bolt — representing energy and that speaks to their welded forever bracelets.

Creating identity guidelines and templates, I set rules around photography, color palletes, and typography — including email, web, and social media..

Branded emails with clear call to actions helped to increase convertion.

Using personas, I created journeys maps across social, email, content, and in-store, to demostrate the power of an omni-channel approach.

I emphasized using content to build a brand story and create consistency.