About The Project

Winner of a 2018 Shorty Award, the redesign of put the focus on health. Rather than solely promoting the product for purchase, we highlighted the benefits of prebiotic fiber through shareable editorial content. Our approach, which included engaging copy, photography, illustration, and visually appealing design, aimed to show how research supports the role of fiber in maintaining everyday wellness. As a result of these efforts, organic traffic on the website increased 5X and multi-page engagement rose by 300%.

By using GlaxoSmithKline’s in-house user testing facility, we were able to get feedback on design concepts from real consumers throughout the process.

Most importantly, our editorial first approach led to a 20% increase in coupon conversions from the site — which demonstrates that good content can drive sales.

We used mood boards to imagine a look and feel and develop a design system.

Our work was based on real insights and applied design thinking; using personas, journey maps, and research to bring it all to life.