B2B and Branding

About The Work

As senior design at the software company PTC, I supported sales, marketing, and corporate communications. Their products and services were sold to engineering firms who bought seats of their flagship software, ProENGINEER. We also marketed the Product Development System, which was a suite of products designed for product companies to go to market more efficiently.

The Product Development System (PDS) was a platform that connected their entire offering as an integrated experience. I led the design on the interactive road map, “The Way To Product First,” which was used by the sales team to sell PDS to businesses.

I designed brochures, quick screens, white papers, and other collateral to support ProENGINEER and PTC's other software.

I led the design of the ProENGINEER interactive tour, screensavers, video, tee shirts, and other materials to support the release of WILDFIRE 2.0.